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I insist on share this fantastic web-serie to you.

It’s called Le visiteur du Futur ( The visitor from the future ) and it’s made by young prodigies. At the beginning, it looks like some kind of sketches but if you watch all season 1 and two, you will understand why this is so good.

I must say that i’m not really interested in french drama or tv series because of their poor quality, generally. But THIS, THIS is without any doubt one of the best french series that I know, and I recommand it to every fan of Doctor Who, especially, because some of these remind me of the Doctor, but it’s far from being a copy of DW, however.

All the episodes are available with english subtitles on Youtube on this channel :

Enjoy watching ! :)

Yes, watch it! 


Le Visiteur du Futur + text posts

Profitons de la fin du mème…


Visiteur du Futur - Lucky Boy

Great fight scene


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Le visiteur du futur | s2e4

Love his deep brown eyes and his angular face…


Le visiteur is so tired of everyone’s shit in episode 1 :D

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florent dorin (x)

sometimes i am proud to be a French girl…